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Comprehensive Dental Exams

Maintain your oral health with routine checkups at the office of Mark E. Golub, DDS, PLC. Our detailed exams include a thorough teeth cleaning, prophylaxis, fluoride treatment, and oral cancer screening for your complete peace of mind. Besides teeth, we all offer periodontal care, which includes deep cleaning and scaling along the gum lines to prevent gum disease.

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Restorative Dentistry

Composite Fillings - Bonding - Bridges - Crowns - Root Canals


Veneers are probably the easiest way to create a more pleasing and beautiful smile. They require a minimal amount of tooth reduction, making them far more conservative than a crown. Dental veneers allow us to alter tooth position, shape, size, and color—all of which makes your smile more beautiful than ever.

Prosthetic Dental Treatments

Partial Dentures - Complete Dentures - Implants

Accepted Insurance

For your convenience, we accept many different insurance plans, including Delta™ and Blue Cross/Blue Shield™. Please contact us to learn more about the insurance products we accept or for further details regarding our patient confidentiality policy.